Tommy was found in a coastal town in Mississippi. His mother had died. Tommy had a severe cleft pallet, and was taken by a vetinarian, who fixed his cleft pallet. After Tommy had healed up the vetinarian contacted Cedarhill. He was only about 6 months old. Tommy is doing very well, and now lives with Sugz and Bronco.


At the beginning of June 2013, we received a phone call about a baby bobcat. The lady had seen the mother get hit by a car and the two kittens were right behind her. She was able to catch one, but the other was too quick and smart. When she got home, she called the game warden and he told her to take Bronco back to where she had last seen his sibling. Unfortunately the sibling had also gotten hit by a car trying to get back with his mother. So, we went to Lesterville to get him. He was so tiny that he had to live in a large kennel in the bobcat pen until he got big enough. Now he is happily situated with Sugz and Tommy.


Sugz is a fully de-clawed bobcat that was hand raised by a couple from southern Mississippi. Apparently the husband bought Sugz as a cub, and raised her in the house. As she got older she became more inquisitive and destructive. The couple decided Sugz needed a different home and called Cedarhill. Today she lives with Tommy and Bronco. She has adjusted very well to her new home and has been seen playing and cuddling with Tommy.