She was found in a dumpster and taken to the Amory Veterinarian Clinic. She was such a nice dog the vet did not want to euthanize her, so Cedarhill was called. Kay agreed to take her in and give her a permanent home here at Cedarhill.


Found in Alabama in the middle of the road, it appeared to have been a hit and run. Kay picked her up and took her to the Vets office in Amory. Scout could not move her back legs, but test did not show any broken bones. The Vet wanted to put her down, but Kay refused. Kay found a vet in Jackson that used acupuncture. Scout had several treatments and finally recovered the use of her legs. From all accounts Scout had been severely abused by her owner.


Kay received a call about a dog on the banks of the Tombigbee river. She was given a description of the dog and the location. When Kay arrived at the site she could not find a dog that fit the description she was given. She looked up and saw a dog floating in the water trying to fight the current. Igby had given up and was almost dead. She only weighed about 12-14 pounds, covered in fleas and ticks. It took about 6 months before she could be put in with any other dogs, because she was so emanciated. Today she is a healthy, happy dog residing at Cedarhill.


She was in a pen at the local Humane Society. Kay was there to adopt a cat and saw her sitting in her pen. Her two weeks was up and she was going to be euthanized. No one adopted because she was cross-eyed. So, Kay brought her home to live with the other dogs at Cedarhill.


Rodney is completely blind but it does not stop his energetic enthusiasm. He was surrendered by his owner, who left him alone in an empty house. Rodney went blind from degenerative eye disease, and recently has had 1 of his eyes removed. It didn't change his spunk one little bit.


He belonged to a neighbor. He kept breaking out of his pen and coming to Cedarhill. Finally one of the staff members went to his owners and asked if they wanted to keep the dog. They said no, they didn't care if he got hit by a car. So Cedarhill took him in to live the remainder of his life here. Now that is what I call a smart dog!


Her owner had her tied to a trampoline in his backyard, and was starving her. He was raising her to fight, so he thought that was the best way to get her to be mean. She was rescued by Animal Rescue and brought to Cedarhill. She is now a very affectionate, playful, and healthy dog.


This is Rex, a male Great Pyrenees. His owners abandoned Rex on a country road near the Alabama Mississippi state line. Someone found him and realized that he was underweight at approximately 90 pounds and in dire need of care. Cedarhill was contacted, and we accepted Rex into the fold. Although he lost most of his eyesight to a tick infection, today he has gained weight and is doing very well in his new home. He is a very nice dog and loves to play and be around people.


He arrived at our door steps shot, and starving. He came to us several times prior, but always ran from us after he was fed. Otis is now a very healthy and loving Beagle mix.


Sandy has only 3 legs, but she is very active, and has not let her dissability deter her spunk. Her owner kept her tied up outside and didn't pay her any attention. The cable she was tied up with got wrapped up around her front leg cutting off the circulation. She had to have the leg removed. She is a very happy dog and likes everyone.