Star is a Belgian mare that was used to produce Premarin in Canada before being moved to Cedarhill. From what we were told she had never been allowed to walk on grass or be out of her small stall. Now, she grazes in her pasture, has plenty of hay and a lot of love from the staff. She is amazing in every aspect of the word.

Sassy and Sonny

Sonny is a 3 year old miniature paint horse born at Cedarhill on April 18th 2008. His mother, Sassy, was brought here from Starkville when the owner could no longer care for her. At that time no one realized she was pregnant with Sonny. On the morning of April 18th, sonny was born weighing 33.5 pounds. Sonny has grown into a fine young miniature horse.


Bart is completely blind, but has learned his stable and pasture. He gets around without any problems. Bart came from a Texas home where he was raised. His owner was returning to school and could not care for him. Cedarhill took Bart in about five years ago. Since that time he has done very well and has adjusted to his new home.


Flash is a 9-year-old thoroughbred gelding. In his younger days he was raced on a race-track but was sold to a couple who intended to use him as a trail rider horse. They noticed that Flash was bumping into things and consulted their vet. The vet confirmed that Flash was losing his eyesight. Flash lost the sight in one eye and partial sight in the other. The couple could not continue to pay for his medical care and Cedarhill was contacted and Flash found his forever home.


Misty is a 20 year old appaloosa that came to us on April 9th. She had originally been used as a brood mare (baby machine). Five years ago she was rescued from that situation, and then began to loose her eyesight. Her owner had to find a home for her that could facilitate a blind horse and the growing complications that come along with that.