Valentino was purchased by two brothers in Minnesota with the intent of them keeping him indoors as a pet. He was declawed and raised indoors in hopes that he would act like a house cat. After growing up in the house as a cub, he was banished to a small cage in an abandoned dairy barn when he started to tear things up inside and exhibit normal male lion behaviors. For years, he was fed road kill and the occasional stray chicken that wandered into his pen. For the years he lived in the barn, his cage was never cleaned and he was deprived of the simple pleasures like sunshine and grass under his feet. When our friends at the Wildcat Sanctuary of Minnesota found out about him, they knew they had to take action. They contacted CedarHill, and we immediately brought Valentino to our sanctuary, his new forever home. He now has the freedom to see and feel all of the things he was denied for so long.


Sheba came to us from a sanctuary closing in Ohio. She was abused like the other big cats rescued along with her with cattle prods and fire extinguishers, so gaining Sheba’s trust is a constant struggle for us. We are happy to be able to meet all her needs and respect her need for space since humans have wronged her so much in her past. Sheba is a very active girl and spends most mornings playing with her many toys as well as the male lion, Zues, who lives next door. We are proud to give this beautiful girl a safe and peaceful home.


Zeus, formerly Deucey, and his mate, Danka, were first rescued with a few other big cats from a roadside attraction called the 2 by 2 Petting Zoo when it was closed down. The enclosure for the lions had no stimulatory toys and was entirely too small for the three lions it held. Their main food source was out-of-date chicken and beef from the local stores as well as processed deli meat and bacon which often they would not eat. Although Danka has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge, Zeus remains a happy and healthy boy who loves laying around and being lazy. He is our most vocal cat, and his deep, beautiful voice can be heard from miles around the sanctuary.