Sponsor a CedarHill Animal!

You can make a difference in a rescued animal’s life by becoming their sponsor TODAY!

By choosing a Cedarhill animal to sponsor, you can become a part of a their new life and bright future! Sponsorship funds provide food, veterinary care, enrichment, and overall daily care to your chosen animal and help us to give them the happy and healthy life they deserve. Sponsoring a CedarHill animal is a rewarding way to support the mission of CedarHill and gain a special connection with an animal you’re already fond of or allow you to make a new furry friend!


There are 3 ways to sponsor:

The One-Year Sponsorship Program involves 12 monthly donations to the animal of your choice. When you join, we will send a 4 x 6 photo of your sponsored animal, along with their personal story. After that you will receive 2 yearly updates to keep you informed and up-to-date on your animal’s life!

The Gift Sponsorship Program is the same as the One-Year program, except you can give it to the animal lover in your life! The gift recipient you choose will be sent a letter notifying them that they have received the One-Year CedarHill Animal Sponsorship as a gift!

The Memorial Sponsorship allows you to send a personalized letter of condolence as a way to show your support for a friend or family member that has lost a pet, or loved one. This is a great way to honor those lost and provide comfort to those grieving their loss.

Get started today!

Click below to download the form and start receiving updates on your chosen animal!


For questions, or if you’d prefer to have the form mailed to you, please call at (662)549-5318